Saturday, May 29, 2010


Did anyone have dorky hobbies as a kid like stamp collecting?
I certainly did not. Nope. I was not a fanatic about checking the mail in hopes of exotic postcards. I did not pester the post-office ladies for free stamps. I did not spend hours of my life soaking stamps to get them off envelopes - only to see them blow away in the wind. Nor did I rifle through boxes and boxes looking for huckleberry stamp to match my set. I did not learn what countries actually called themselves outside of my English-centric geography class so I could figure out what the heck Magyar was. And I definitely did not have them meticulously organized in huge books.

Okay maybe.

Nerdy associations aside, let's look at stamps objectively. What are they but tiny little art exhibitions that you get to attach to letters and send to your friends/family/government agencies?
Some of my favorites were British stamps. Large, perfectly square, and with the little embossed queen's head in the corner.
So when I saw these London 2012 stamps, I had the urge to dig out my collection again.

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