Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Min glof

On 41st Street, there is this wondrous place called The Hills Although we should have been doing piles of other things, we decided that we were in the mood to go spend lots of money on beautiful and expensive things.
There were lots of beautiful things. Cowichan knit sweaters, colorful moccasins, fred perry bags, blue skinnies...
But I bought hand warmers. Because I love hand warmers.
I realize that they kind of give off a hobo vibe, even if they cost you forty bucks and have a nice pattern. But they are so cozy. And what better things to drink mint hot chocolate with than mittens?


For all you know, this is a bucket of porridge and I haven't eaten in five days and the ladies behind me just gave me two quarters and a penny and told me not to spend it on drugs. But I have warm mittens.


Behold! The mittens are by Echo. I believe you can find some of their other stuff here

minty goodness

Kristen is wearing my Urban Outfitter mittens from last year. They say 'deer' on them and make me happy and warm.


the sunny-sun shine outside.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Modcloth to the Rescue!

No, of course they are not of the same caliber. But they are still pretty! And only $62.99. If you don't know about modcloth yet, you really should investigate. In terms of shoes, the best thing is that they often carry Jeffrey Campbells, but the best sell out fast.
I'm curious: has anyone else found a good  and somewhat affordable alternative to the Proenza Schouler? 

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Art AND Shoes AND Food. oh my.

knife and shoes


I imagine these pictures have already been dissected quite a bit as they do contain some of the most iconic and lusted after shoes since who knows when. I'm young, what do I know? I'm also fairly new to the fashion/blogging world, so in my travels through various blogs, I sometimes unearth things I like deep in the archives (these I found on Bleed for Fashion) and I have little idea how relevant my opinion of them may be.
But let's move on and talk about the shoes, dammit!
Actually not quite yet.
Truth be told, I don't have any particular obsession over 'Loubs.' Yes, they are nice. That stiletto is pretty sexy, but cheaper knockoffs abound. I just don't see enough originality to negate the obscene price. Regardless, the ad campaign for.. um... was it fall 09? not sure... the ad campaign was stunning.
Kristen and I have Dutch backgrounds, 50% and 100% respectively, which works out to a fair bit of influence. This summer I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery's exhibition of the Dutch Masters, and was appropriatley speechless. I forced poor Kristen to listen to a rant about the way the light fell on the flowers for at least 10 minutes and I'm pretty sure no words or pictures can really do them justice.

Enter Peter Lippmann, who most gorgeously orchestrated all the things I love best: shoes, art and food.
what a clever guy. he must have known i didn't like poor Christian's shoes and decided that must change.
I must admit, I am a little more partial to them after seeing this campaign.

Booze and Shoes

I particularly like the ones where you hardly even notice the fact that there are indeed shoes in this picture.
I did not include, i.e. the one with piles of candy, because it looks garish and not at all Dutch-master-ish.

food and shoes!

The little butterfly is genius. Thank you, Peter Lippmann for making my day.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Geometry and Shrooms

I got inspired to create an outfit for frolicking among shrooms. 
Sadly, I can only afford the shoes. But seeing as that is the most relevant part, that is okay.
Aren't they cute? I'm not usually a polka dot sort of person, but these flats set me off on a geometric trip. 
Shrooms by flashbang featuring Alexander Wang tops

(see the shoes here)

Sunday, October 18, 2009


We had our first bout of crazy (i.e. regular) Vancouver rain/deluge/drizzle/sleet this weekend. Boo. But on one of the rainiest days I looked out my window, and the lawn was dotted with these fairy-tale mushrooms. 
Can't you just see Hansel and Gretel skipping around them?

We need a resident gnome. 
eyes 2
Kristen contemplates the leaf...

water reflection
So pretty... 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sugar and Spice

It's 12:04. You still have mounds of stuff to do and it's dark and rainy outside and generally ick.
But there is a solution.
On nights like this, I brew myself a cup of chai tea (the starbucks one is the best) with plenty of milk and sugar, and grab a handful of dried pineapple. Take a sip of tea, take a bite of pineapple... and drink your troubles away.


(Pineapple, my tea mug and Dennis -the prickly one- hanging out)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I know this isn't exactly current (a month late), but I was browsing and found the Rodarte Spring 2010 collection. 

Rodarte 1
Rodarte 3
Rodarte 4
Rodarte 2

...!... I was impressed. Once again, kind of like McQueen, and not anything directly useful for the street. But all of those plaids and tribal tattoos are very Boudica-esque. I instantly imagined this remake of Braveheart, but with Boudica running around killing things instead of whatever-his-name-Mel-Gibson's-character. And of course everyone would be dressed in these amazing trailing and woven outfits. It would be badass. 
And then we discovered that in 2010 there will be a new film about Boudica, and guess who is producer? 
But I'm kind of sad that I wasn't the only one wanting to revive this idea, because I'm pretty sure the costumes won't be this awesome. But one can hope? All images courtesy of Style.com

Rodarte 5

(images from www.style.com)

Ode to Frye.

Our newest item to covet: the Frye boot.

With its tough leather exterior (complete with the "definitive 'O' ring") coupled with comfy insides (confession: i've never tried on a pair, but i can't imagine a boot of its quality being any different) it has a timeless design that will also prove its worth in chilly Vancouver winters.

unfortunately, the price is a tad unfriendly for a student wallet, and will require much saving up. siigh.

here are our faves:

The Engineer...

engineer boot

and the Harness.


(All images courtesy of Frye )

Friday, October 9, 2009

Unrealistic Goals

These are all of the shoes that are fantastic to dream about but unlikely to ever be owned by us. 
So why spend so much time obsessively arranging them?

Good question. 
Included are shoes by: Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler, Fluevog, Frye, Giraudon and Tracey Neuls

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

McQueen Craziness

I think I'd kind of like to live in this world...
Although I wonder (as everyone does) how easy are those to walk in?

As far as definitions and blanket statements are concerned, I see fashion as something you put on in the morning and have to walk around in all day. Art, on the other hand, is a concept that may vary in the success of its descent into practical life. 
Obviously the line between the two can be blurry, but I think Mr. McQueen has placed himself quite comfortably in the latter.

(image from www.style.com)