Sunday, October 25, 2009

Art AND Shoes AND Food. oh my.

knife and shoes


I imagine these pictures have already been dissected quite a bit as they do contain some of the most iconic and lusted after shoes since who knows when. I'm young, what do I know? I'm also fairly new to the fashion/blogging world, so in my travels through various blogs, I sometimes unearth things I like deep in the archives (these I found on Bleed for Fashion) and I have little idea how relevant my opinion of them may be.
But let's move on and talk about the shoes, dammit!
Actually not quite yet.
Truth be told, I don't have any particular obsession over 'Loubs.' Yes, they are nice. That stiletto is pretty sexy, but cheaper knockoffs abound. I just don't see enough originality to negate the obscene price. Regardless, the ad campaign for.. um... was it fall 09? not sure... the ad campaign was stunning.
Kristen and I have Dutch backgrounds, 50% and 100% respectively, which works out to a fair bit of influence. This summer I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery's exhibition of the Dutch Masters, and was appropriatley speechless. I forced poor Kristen to listen to a rant about the way the light fell on the flowers for at least 10 minutes and I'm pretty sure no words or pictures can really do them justice.

Enter Peter Lippmann, who most gorgeously orchestrated all the things I love best: shoes, art and food.
what a clever guy. he must have known i didn't like poor Christian's shoes and decided that must change.
I must admit, I am a little more partial to them after seeing this campaign.

Booze and Shoes

I particularly like the ones where you hardly even notice the fact that there are indeed shoes in this picture.
I did not include, i.e. the one with piles of candy, because it looks garish and not at all Dutch-master-ish.

food and shoes!

The little butterfly is genius. Thank you, Peter Lippmann for making my day.

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