Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Daybreak and Heartbreak

Daybreak Heartbreak

Exams are done.
For two hours I wrote a lot of words about a lot of stuff... filled two exam booklets with ideas, but nothing I was passionate about.
Took the bus home, drank some coffee, packed up everything to go home for the holidays.
This set is the result of my mood. Part elation, part disappointment.

If it isn't obvious by the choice of the shirt, I love the new Christopher Kane collection. I wasn't big on the gigantic gorilla snarls, but these skylines are a great combination of beautiful and gritty.

Friday, December 18, 2009

On the Run

Much thanks to Tavi from Style Rookie for getting the word out about the Rodarte for Target collection. She's a great rep. As far as I know Canada doesn't have Target, so I might not have heard about it at all. *gasp*
One of my first posts on this blog was about how much I loved the SS 2010 collection, and even though the Target collection isn't nearly as high-fashion and artsy, it really is inspiring.
My favorite part is how it is partly inspired by the story of Bonnie and Clyde.
I did some wiki-ing, and before long I found this video:

It's heartbreaking how you can see Bonnie slumped at the wheel, as this monotone voice drones on with an emotionless account of the grotesque details of the shooting and how so many bullets were necessary.

If this isn't already a graphic novel, it should be.

(Picture from http://bonnieclyde.info)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

In the mail

I'm really excited. I ordered my first pair of shoes online... It's like a blind date planned a month in advance.
I have size 10ish feet and I've never worn a Seychelles shoe, so this could be interesting.
Does anyone know how Seychelles shoes fit? Do then run big or small?
I would be so sad if I had to send them back.

I didn't really accomplish my goal of texture or structure with these shoes.
But i do need a good basic pair of heels.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I shall call him Crinkles.

I am on the hunt for a book with pictures like this.

I love the textures and the structure of the illustration. From the stretched-out armor of the stomach to the fishy scales on the feet. I have to wonder, did this artist ever see a rhino in person, or did they just work from heresay?
In any case, this beastie is my new fashion inspiration. I want to incorporate some more structure and texture into my wardrobe. Everything I have is so... flat.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Merry Christmas (to YOU.)

December 1: a tiny tree, egg nog + baileys, christmas baking, some decorations, and two girls sick and tired of psychology class with creativity to spare= a rather festive house.

The tree was from an Aunt Leah's christmas tree lot (Broadway and Burrard) and we couldn't really complain about the sky-high prices with the proceeds going to a charity of some sort...but the tree was adorable and we fell in love instantly.
We also got to carry it on the bus back to Dani's place, and were stopped with compliments and smiles by all. Surprisingly, no one was annoyed with being poked with wet bristles whilst being herded to the back of the bus, but perhaps our eager Christmas spirit was infectious. (cough).

That evening, a batch of gingerbread cookie dough was quickly whipped up, and we arrived at Psych 10 minutes late, and were let go 15 minutes early. (yay!) however, as we mistakenly though, this did not give us more time to decorate, as we spent the entire time figuring out how to parallel park Dani's (albeit rediculous) Tracker between a delivery vehicle and a soccer mom van. But this is beside the point.

Hilarity ensued, as we realized that Dani had brought a tree stand made for a fake tree (ie. no watering mechanism), and which could barely fit a pencil into the space where the trunk was supposed to go. But hey, this small setback didn't stop us. we borrowed a knife from the guys downstairs, to whittle our tree's trunk down to size. And about the watering problem? Stick the tree in a vase for a while. Perfect. We also made gingerbread men WITHOUT a rolling pin (very difficult. despite what you might hear, a water glass does not make a very good substitute.)

All in all, it was an evening filled with much laughter, fun, and some Baileys thrown in for good measure. Here are a few of the pictures:

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Although this is a bit of an aside from the overall food and fashion theme, music is kind of the mid-ground where everything can meet. The basic cultural trio, I think. And because we are Vancouver focused, why not highlight some local musicians?
Ever since we Vancouverites were granted The Peak, I realized how much talent is in my own city. Take a listen.

The Young Talent: Mother Mother and Said the Whale. Both have a clever quirkiness, Mother Mother with a darker edge.

The more established talent:

I love the energy that Daniel Wesley always has. His new album is killer.

Matthew Good has been a favorite of mine for years, the first Vancouver artist that I knew of. Then I saw him live a couple of weeks ago... it was amazing. He just saunters up on stage, gives some attitude and then just plays for hours with perfect sound.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Buck it

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Buckles are nice. I like them.
But it seems most designers are following 'the more the better' type of maxims. Why have one buckle when you can have buckles going all the way up your leg. I'm looking at you, Balmain.
Drop a grand and skip around in these babies, and you will have the time of your life. but within a year or two they will be locked in your closet. For decades. And then twenty years later, when 80's bondage wear / punk / over-the-top metal accents are back in, your teenaged daughter will steal them and have the time of her life wearing "real Balmain from 2000 and 9!!!!"

I'm thinking it's about time to throw some more cuteness in the mix. Not nine buckles on your shoe, but one oversized one. It's more vintage, which I like. And if you combine it with some more hard-edged pieces, the contrast will be great.
I think. It's more of this idea floating in my head.
Buckles by flashbang featuring Gabor shoes

Mary Janes from: Not Rated, Modcloth, Gabor

Friday, December 4, 2009

So I work on Main St, which I think is one of the best streets in the city, in terms of hidden treasures.
I think it has a pretty good reputation as the best place to vintage shop in vancouver, but I can't say I've been vintage shopping long enough to know.
It also has antique shops, used shops from the entire spectrum, and lots of quirky and somewhat dive-y places to eat.
A couple weeks ago, one of these burnt down: Slickity Jim's is now only rubble.
It must have only been three or four days before, we were standing outside waiting for the bus, reading the menu and planning to eat there sometime.

The only good thing about the fire is that the rubble makes for good melancholy musings.

How did the fake flowers on the door frame survive? Considering that the bus shelter and the little time clock that used to be on the sidewalk in front was completely obliterated. I think its poetic.

One of my favorite things about this place was the kitschy Jesus pictures that hung all over the walls. I think there was only two that survived the fire, and I really want to jump the super save fence and save them.
If you look carefully you can see one (ironically, along with the license to operate) hanging askew on the wall.

I apologize for the fuzzy pictures... I only had my cell and I am afraid that if I keep forgetting they will clear the rubble and all this beautiful mess will be gone forever.

Edit: here's the facebook page . Apparently there are plans for a new restaurant, but in a new location. too bad.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Metal and Milk

Papers are done!
The sudden halt of all interesting blog activity can be blamed on academic endeavors. Frivolousness is now free to continue.
Today I was inspired by an unlikely item: a cream and sugar set.
Well, we all know that those Scandinavians are killer when it comes to designing for practicality and style. Ikea comes to mind, but that vision is somewhat corrupted by hours of DIY chair and shelf construction... there is always one missing bolt. I swear.

I have this wonderful vision of an ideal kitchen. It contains lots of stainless steel, lots of simple glasses and bowls, some plain white crockery as well. And then, for a bit of funk and soul, colorful Le Creuset and that crazy pottery those talented Italians and Ukrainians like to make. The ones with pretty floral patterns in blues and yellows and reds.
I plan on slowly replacing all of my value-village castoffs, one teacup at a time.

Really, the last thing I need is a cream and sugar set. But Bodum made one with such lovely lines. And the Danish name is fun. 'sukker od flode saet'. Just look, and be seduced.

30 bucks for this much style? More Danish magic.

Image from www.zaccardis.com