Thursday, December 3, 2009

Metal and Milk

Papers are done!
The sudden halt of all interesting blog activity can be blamed on academic endeavors. Frivolousness is now free to continue.
Today I was inspired by an unlikely item: a cream and sugar set.
Well, we all know that those Scandinavians are killer when it comes to designing for practicality and style. Ikea comes to mind, but that vision is somewhat corrupted by hours of DIY chair and shelf construction... there is always one missing bolt. I swear.

I have this wonderful vision of an ideal kitchen. It contains lots of stainless steel, lots of simple glasses and bowls, some plain white crockery as well. And then, for a bit of funk and soul, colorful Le Creuset and that crazy pottery those talented Italians and Ukrainians like to make. The ones with pretty floral patterns in blues and yellows and reds.
I plan on slowly replacing all of my value-village castoffs, one teacup at a time.

Really, the last thing I need is a cream and sugar set. But Bodum made one with such lovely lines. And the Danish name is fun. 'sukker od flode saet'. Just look, and be seduced.

30 bucks for this much style? More Danish magic.

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Anonymous said...

Well, seeing as IKEA is Swedish, the Danish vision can remain untarnished. :D

- Laura

khdz said...

oops. i guess i'll fix that.