Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I shall call him Crinkles.

I am on the hunt for a book with pictures like this.

I love the textures and the structure of the illustration. From the stretched-out armor of the stomach to the fishy scales on the feet. I have to wonder, did this artist ever see a rhino in person, or did they just work from heresay?
In any case, this beastie is my new fashion inspiration. I want to incorporate some more structure and texture into my wardrobe. Everything I have is so... flat.


Orchid Grey said...

if you're interested, this is most likely an etching (you may have already been aware...sorry...I'm obsessed with printmaking), and a beautiful one at that! I love that you're using this as inspiration for structured fashion, very very awesome!

khdz said...

i did know it was an etching, but i don't know much about it. do you do any printmaking of your own, or do you just admire it like i do?

Orchid Grey said...

my boyfriend is a screenprinter and I do letterpress, which is a little more structured than etching, litho, or screen. I'm not very good at drawing, so I like that letterpress is a little more analytical. I don't get a lot in though, i mostly do photography.

Fraser said...

FYI... the artist (can't remember his name) read from a description of what a rhino looked like and drew from his imagination. Quite impressive if you consider how close it is to an actual rhino.