Monday, December 7, 2009

Buck it

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Buckles are nice. I like them.
But it seems most designers are following 'the more the better' type of maxims. Why have one buckle when you can have buckles going all the way up your leg. I'm looking at you, Balmain.
Drop a grand and skip around in these babies, and you will have the time of your life. but within a year or two they will be locked in your closet. For decades. And then twenty years later, when 80's bondage wear / punk / over-the-top metal accents are back in, your teenaged daughter will steal them and have the time of her life wearing "real Balmain from 2000 and 9!!!!"

I'm thinking it's about time to throw some more cuteness in the mix. Not nine buckles on your shoe, but one oversized one. It's more vintage, which I like. And if you combine it with some more hard-edged pieces, the contrast will be great.
I think. It's more of this idea floating in my head.
Buckles by flashbang featuring Gabor shoes

Mary Janes from: Not Rated, Modcloth, Gabor

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Laura said...

First of all...I like all of your no's on those weird dominatrix-type boots.
Second of all, I'm following your blog on Google Reader.
Third (and a bit less related)...what is a polyvore???? Is it some sort of alteration of "pull over"?
That is all.