Sunday, December 13, 2009


Although this is a bit of an aside from the overall food and fashion theme, music is kind of the mid-ground where everything can meet. The basic cultural trio, I think. And because we are Vancouver focused, why not highlight some local musicians?
Ever since we Vancouverites were granted The Peak, I realized how much talent is in my own city. Take a listen.

The Young Talent: Mother Mother and Said the Whale. Both have a clever quirkiness, Mother Mother with a darker edge.

The more established talent:

I love the energy that Daniel Wesley always has. His new album is killer.

Matthew Good has been a favorite of mine for years, the first Vancouver artist that I knew of. Then I saw him live a couple of weeks ago... it was amazing. He just saunters up on stage, gives some attitude and then just plays for hours with perfect sound.

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