Friday, December 4, 2009

So I work on Main St, which I think is one of the best streets in the city, in terms of hidden treasures.
I think it has a pretty good reputation as the best place to vintage shop in vancouver, but I can't say I've been vintage shopping long enough to know.
It also has antique shops, used shops from the entire spectrum, and lots of quirky and somewhat dive-y places to eat.
A couple weeks ago, one of these burnt down: Slickity Jim's is now only rubble.
It must have only been three or four days before, we were standing outside waiting for the bus, reading the menu and planning to eat there sometime.

The only good thing about the fire is that the rubble makes for good melancholy musings.

How did the fake flowers on the door frame survive? Considering that the bus shelter and the little time clock that used to be on the sidewalk in front was completely obliterated. I think its poetic.

One of my favorite things about this place was the kitschy Jesus pictures that hung all over the walls. I think there was only two that survived the fire, and I really want to jump the super save fence and save them.
If you look carefully you can see one (ironically, along with the license to operate) hanging askew on the wall.

I apologize for the fuzzy pictures... I only had my cell and I am afraid that if I keep forgetting they will clear the rubble and all this beautiful mess will be gone forever.

Edit: here's the facebook page . Apparently there are plans for a new restaurant, but in a new location. too bad.

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