Friday, February 26, 2010

the color of our planet from far far away

Yeah, that's right - my camera still works. But all of the pictures now have a funny ethereal quality about them, probably because the lens is fogged with stickiness. 'sokay. It looks kind of pretty.
Maybe it will last? My phone has also decided to die this week, so electronics are not my friends right now.

But more importantly.... I got those Camper shoes. I took them on their maiden voyage to the grocery store and I couldn't stop looking at my pretty toes. Look at me, world! I have blue feet.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Look! Two blog posts in one morning!
Right now I'm attempting to multi-task: drinking tea, watching cross-country skiing on CTV, doing linguistics homework and lusting over the Burberry lineup for fall.
Understandably, the latter has taken over.

Earlier, I was griping about how it seems designers are competing to see who can put the most buckles on one shoe. But I think I've come to terms with it now. Just like I came to terms with gladiator shoes, and how I am slowly warming up to clogs.
The shearling on these are amazing. Hardcore slippers.

I love the buckles on the sleeves. And the fact that it would make you look like a giant mouton. My only complaint is that there is no hood, but I guess the collar is so high that you could just snuggle right in.
I also really like the colors in this collection. Nice burnt leaf stuff.

Is this crimped-up velvet on the dress? I like it.

If he was wearing a men's version of the boots, I think this would be perfection.

I love this look.

(images from


It's spring, and I kind of want something cheery for my feet. And lo, two (kind of) affordable options: the Radio BBC by Fluevog, and this Camper Mary Jane. Any votes? Is the plaid too much?

Monday, February 22, 2010


This spring I have my eye on patterns. Motorcycle and ship motifs on blouses, plaid tights and oxfords... these are all on my to-get list. So when I saw the Erdem collection, I was pleased. Swallow patterns, tiny little origami - and even patterns on the heeled combat boots. Patterns on combat boots... does it get any better?

(images from
I kind of felt like commenting on some fashion week stuff, but I it's hard to do when you are staring up from the bottom of a landslide of enthusiastic praise. Praise that is keen and sharp-edged and gets right to the point. Something that I have a hard time doing. So rather than throw my token heap of stuff on the Rodarte pile, I will toss at you some random images of Tao Okamoto.
I was looking through some collections that I had nothing to say about (my critical inner commentary: hmm... this coat is nice and square and I bet it's warm... ooh, boots with sheepskin. cozy.) when it occurred to me that I really liked whatever Tao was wearing. I have a thing for structure, and she pulls it off really well. Maybe it's her hair? It brings back days of skipping around in fuchsia jumpsuits, but... it's lovely. And so is she.

In Jaeger London.

Pucci Spring 2010

United Bamboo Spring 2010

Yigal Azrouel Fall 2009

And best of all, here she is killing it for Burberry, making pastel look punk.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

jumpsuits and saris

It's amazing what you can find in a thrift store.

Knit strawberries on bell-bottom pants.


This jacket was Miu Miu. But kind of clownish.

Last stop was a coffee shop where I took this lovely macro right before dropping my camera right in the coffee. But if it breaks.... I can't say I'll be too sad.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Is it just me, or is so much happening lately? And it's February. Nothing interesting ever used to happen in February, until this year - my first year for caring about both the olympics and fashion week. Sadly, fashion week is not quite so close by... and so my focus is a little shifted at the moment.
My usual internet rounds have been rerouted - instead of the morning blog circuit and flipping through, I watch downhill skiing, speed skating, halfpipe, even biathlon - I'm a sucker for it all. Speed skating is still my favorite, though I'm not sure if the main reason is the pretty Dutchman or the fact that it's practically Canada's medal bank.
I may also be jealous of their badass leg muscles.

After watching other people's great feats of endurance and technique, I putter around with a little bit of exploring downtown, little bit of painting (badly), a little bit of cooking at a little (a lot) of eating. So far my main success was these 90 min cinnamon buns. So bad it's good.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

fun and games

In all the hype leading up to the Olympics, I was a little bit unfazed. Woo hoo. Curling. Hockey. Whoring ourselves out for corporate sponsors. Feeling the pressure to be 'Canadian.' But UBC did give us an extended reading break, which is nothing to whine about. And as soon as the Olympics began, I realized...

...this is actually one big two week party...


Walking downtown, there's spontaneous dance parties, the restaurants are packed, every third person is wearing those coveted olympic mittens, it's drizzling as usual - and the propaganda is seeping into my bones. I can't help it.
In Gastown I shared lobster ravioli with Laura, watched speed skating, and made the obligatory trip to the Olympic torch and all of the other tourist traps. I didn't have my camera, but I'm sure there's no shortage of good pictures around.
I have a new appreciation for skating.

(Picture from Licht Leven)

okay, maybe it's because of the pretty Dutch boy Sven Kramer.

After, we had a house party. The aftermath was kind of fun to take pictures of.


Friday, February 12, 2010


RIP Alexander McQueen.

we'll miss you.

Friday, February 5, 2010


I actually hate Fridays, so I will not thank God for them, but it's the one day of the week that I don't walk around very much and can therefore work up the courage to wear heels.
Here's the one happy moment of the day, prancing around in front of the self-timer with my pretty shoes.
How do you make your sucky days a little more bearable?

I'm standing in front of the 'concert chair' - where my roommates have wonderfully joyful renditions of depressing City and Color songs. And behind me is the esteemed Bob Marley, striking a pose.

This is what it would look like if you were a worm and I stepped on you. Except I'm not cruel like that, I hope.

I don't quite know how this pose came about, but I like the motion.

"No.... you can't drag me out of the house to lectures and then work and then back home for homework. I won't go!!" (I did) (I regretted it).

Thursday, February 4, 2010


So usually the only things I could even remotely consider spending a grand on would be shoes. Definitely not a purse. I only own two purses - one is a beat-up ALDO bag that has had everything from beer to yogurt spilled on it, and the other is a hand-me-down from my Oma. And I'm okay with that.
But these little mini PS1s make me almost ready to just close my eyes and press those magic four numbers on the debit card pad.
They are perfectly geometric, and yet very classic. I can see them matching with everything I own. And am I understanding right that some of these are like a 2-in-1 purse, with a detachable front pocket?
En tout cas, I must have one.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sick Day.

Since Dani and I sadly didn't spend the Tuesday together, I thought it would be fitting to fill in my side of the story as well..
Long story short: I am sick. Ew. This involves migraine headaches, nausea, a ridiculous ear-ache and copious amounts of neocitrin and advil. I even conducted a poll on facebook to find out if it was actually dangerous to mix up a cocktail of neocitrin and nyquil.. surprisingly, it isn't advised. hmm.
anyways, today went as most sick-days do.. the first half was spent lying on the couch, eating crackers, and feeling generally sorry for myself while watching reruns of "criminal minds". the evening has been a bit more productive: I painted my nails, used up ANOTHER box of kleenex, cleaned my room, made a 'to-do' list, and surprise! found ANOTHER uncashed paycheque (a bad habit of mine.) You know the feeling, when you don't have enough energy to get off the couch, but are super bored because you can't do anything? Yeah. That was me today.

Oh, and.. I switched from platinum blonde to a rather bright shade of coppery-gingery-red. I suppose this isn't the best picture.. but it's rather difficult to hold up a giant Canon to your head. and i didn't really want to draw attention to how it isn't styled..

I took plenty of this:

crossed off a couple of days on le calender (note: "february is a fantastic month" because we get 2 weeks off, thanks to a certain sporting event.) only 8 more days until the break! woot!

and my favorite: Japanese lanterns. I have a dried bouquet of them sitting by my art easel.

here's to hoping tomorrow is a better day, health-wise, at least.

doing nothing feels great

It's not as if things are any less hectic than usual, but more that the hecticity (I like the sound of that) is postponed - Kristen is sick. Otherwise we'd have some fantastic pictures, because she has been converted to Ginger-dom. By that, I mean she has red hair. Crazy girl.
but instead we are both sitting on our respective couches. i am masquerading as a dutiful university student - not going so well, as you might have guessed. This is pretty much how I spend 93% of my waking hours at home.

The plaid blanket is my roomate's, but I have adopted it.
And our ghetto little house has a coffee table now! Who knew furniture could be exciting?

The other 7% of my time, I make food.

Don't parsnips look kind of like bananas? I thought so.

Yesterday I had parsnips for the first time (at least, the first time I was aware that I was eating parsnips). I made veggies stew, but I used far to many other things and it was a bit of a muddle. Next time, just carrots, parsnips and lentils. And way more spices.