Sunday, February 14, 2010

fun and games

In all the hype leading up to the Olympics, I was a little bit unfazed. Woo hoo. Curling. Hockey. Whoring ourselves out for corporate sponsors. Feeling the pressure to be 'Canadian.' But UBC did give us an extended reading break, which is nothing to whine about. And as soon as the Olympics began, I realized...

...this is actually one big two week party...


Walking downtown, there's spontaneous dance parties, the restaurants are packed, every third person is wearing those coveted olympic mittens, it's drizzling as usual - and the propaganda is seeping into my bones. I can't help it.
In Gastown I shared lobster ravioli with Laura, watched speed skating, and made the obligatory trip to the Olympic torch and all of the other tourist traps. I didn't have my camera, but I'm sure there's no shortage of good pictures around.
I have a new appreciation for skating.

(Picture from Licht Leven)

okay, maybe it's because of the pretty Dutch boy Sven Kramer.

After, we had a house party. The aftermath was kind of fun to take pictures of.



Manon said...

I love Sven Kramer..

Birthday Girl said...

looks fun! skating is the bomb hahaha


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