Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Look! Two blog posts in one morning!
Right now I'm attempting to multi-task: drinking tea, watching cross-country skiing on CTV, doing linguistics homework and lusting over the Burberry lineup for fall.
Understandably, the latter has taken over.

Earlier, I was griping about how it seems designers are competing to see who can put the most buckles on one shoe. But I think I've come to terms with it now. Just like I came to terms with gladiator shoes, and how I am slowly warming up to clogs.
The shearling on these are amazing. Hardcore slippers.

I love the buckles on the sleeves. And the fact that it would make you look like a giant mouton. My only complaint is that there is no hood, but I guess the collar is so high that you could just snuggle right in.
I also really like the colors in this collection. Nice burnt leaf stuff.

Is this crimped-up velvet on the dress? I like it.

If he was wearing a men's version of the boots, I think this would be perfection.

I love this look.

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