Tuesday, February 2, 2010

doing nothing feels great

It's not as if things are any less hectic than usual, but more that the hecticity (I like the sound of that) is postponed - Kristen is sick. Otherwise we'd have some fantastic pictures, because she has been converted to Ginger-dom. By that, I mean she has red hair. Crazy girl.
but instead we are both sitting on our respective couches. i am masquerading as a dutiful university student - not going so well, as you might have guessed. This is pretty much how I spend 93% of my waking hours at home.

The plaid blanket is my roomate's, but I have adopted it.
And our ghetto little house has a coffee table now! Who knew furniture could be exciting?

The other 7% of my time, I make food.

Don't parsnips look kind of like bananas? I thought so.

Yesterday I had parsnips for the first time (at least, the first time I was aware that I was eating parsnips). I made veggies stew, but I used far to many other things and it was a bit of a muddle. Next time, just carrots, parsnips and lentils. And way more spices.

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Manon said...

Doing nothing really does feel great sometimes.

And I thought that it actually was a banana. Haha!