Thursday, February 18, 2010


Is it just me, or is so much happening lately? And it's February. Nothing interesting ever used to happen in February, until this year - my first year for caring about both the olympics and fashion week. Sadly, fashion week is not quite so close by... and so my focus is a little shifted at the moment.
My usual internet rounds have been rerouted - instead of the morning blog circuit and flipping through, I watch downhill skiing, speed skating, halfpipe, even biathlon - I'm a sucker for it all. Speed skating is still my favorite, though I'm not sure if the main reason is the pretty Dutchman or the fact that it's practically Canada's medal bank.
I may also be jealous of their badass leg muscles.

After watching other people's great feats of endurance and technique, I putter around with a little bit of exploring downtown, little bit of painting (badly), a little bit of cooking at a little (a lot) of eating. So far my main success was these 90 min cinnamon buns. So bad it's good.

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