Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sick Day.

Since Dani and I sadly didn't spend the Tuesday together, I thought it would be fitting to fill in my side of the story as well..
Long story short: I am sick. Ew. This involves migraine headaches, nausea, a ridiculous ear-ache and copious amounts of neocitrin and advil. I even conducted a poll on facebook to find out if it was actually dangerous to mix up a cocktail of neocitrin and nyquil.. surprisingly, it isn't advised. hmm.
anyways, today went as most sick-days do.. the first half was spent lying on the couch, eating crackers, and feeling generally sorry for myself while watching reruns of "criminal minds". the evening has been a bit more productive: I painted my nails, used up ANOTHER box of kleenex, cleaned my room, made a 'to-do' list, and surprise! found ANOTHER uncashed paycheque (a bad habit of mine.) You know the feeling, when you don't have enough energy to get off the couch, but are super bored because you can't do anything? Yeah. That was me today.

Oh, and.. I switched from platinum blonde to a rather bright shade of coppery-gingery-red. I suppose this isn't the best picture.. but it's rather difficult to hold up a giant Canon to your head. and i didn't really want to draw attention to how it isn't styled..

I took plenty of this:

crossed off a couple of days on le calender (note: "february is a fantastic month" because we get 2 weeks off, thanks to a certain sporting event.) only 8 more days until the break! woot!

and my favorite: Japanese lanterns. I have a dried bouquet of them sitting by my art easel.

here's to hoping tomorrow is a better day, health-wise, at least.


Manon said...

Hope you feel better tommorow!

khdz said...

aww thanks :) and indeed I do.