Monday, November 30, 2009

All I Want For Christmas Is.......

Here is my Christmas Wishlist...

Campaigning very, very hard for these absolutely spectacular Frye boots. I could never be content with anything else, considering its vintage-y equestrian style, deep brown colour, and extreme durability. I mean, they make Fryes with Goodyear rubber soles. As in, the tires. How can these NOT stand up to everything a Vancouver winter throws at us? My only complaint.. by buying these I am not supporting a local designer (ie. Fluevog) or promoting any sort of ethical, organic materials or manufacturing. Two things that are pretty important in my mind, and would justify the purchase a bit. But honestly, I have exhausted all other options, these boots are simply the best.
Oh yeah, the price is $388..which is pretty reasonable...ish..

photo courtesy of

Monday, November 23, 2009

Yes it's another Polyvore don't hate me

Oh, life is busy. But I am going to put some pictures up of us doing stuff. Soon.
Our friend is visiting from Arkansas, so today we will have some crazy adventures and hopefully one of us will think to bring / use a camera.
In the meantime, behold my Christmas list.
All of this is somewhat affordable, no? And I have carefully justified each item:
1) Isn't the heart-shaped pot to die for? I need to find one. Everything Le Creuset comes in pretty colors and lasts forever. See here
2) Desert boots are awesome and wool ones are awesome-er. It's a scientific fact. They may be men's shoes but that means they will have my size.
3) A sparkly brooch would make my plain coats a little cuter.
4) The scarf is faux so don't worry about the animals.
5) The clutch is inspired by the latest teen vogue

Wishes by flashbang featuring Opening Ceremony shoes

Thursday, November 19, 2009


When I was about 10, my daydreams were about getting lost in the forest. There I would ingeniously fend for myself by building clever and cozy houses, eating whatever I could catch (slugs, if need be) until I was rescued due to skills with my shiny orange safety whistle. 
In my current daydream, I sit on a rock in a misty forest, thinking about how soft my sweater is and how I love my shoes.
It's up to you what is more realistic.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

this was just a typical fall day.

This picture is a result of a spontaneous photo shoot around the upscale neighbourhood of Kerrisdale with the extremely talented Andrew Holliday.
Before you criticize the jeans + converse + tee, let me remind you that a) this was SPONTANEOUS and b) sometimes comfyness takes precedence over avant-garde fashion. (although, ideal situation: the two co-exist.)
Dani, on the other hand, looks amazing in her Urban Outfitters hand warmers, envy-educing shoes (I am absolutely terrible at remembering names, are they Jeffery Campbell or Dolce Vita? gahh) and a Banana Republic cashmere cardigan. the rest of the photoshoot coming a fashion blog near YOU.

Edit: yup, dolce vita shoes. i wish i owned jeffrey campbell.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The In-between

It's rainy and cold and my camera resolution sucks and I can't wait for Christmas.
When your umbrella is rusting and the drains are backing up and your paper on Hamlet and the metatheatrical is due in two days... a vision of snow and christmas oranges and relaxing around a fire seem five million miles away.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rainy day

I went shopping downtown today, and of course I had to go to gravity pope. I couldn't find any shoes that were just right (life sucks when you fit size 11), but I went next door to the clothes side.

they. carry. alexander. wang.
i did not know this... pretty much had a freak out right in the shop.
they also had very pretty things by rag and bone (100% cashmere sweater), fred perry, acne, flippa k...
I think I need to hurry up and be a lawyer.

Here is a set inspired by today... including the gorgeous alexander wang skirt i saw.
and some chloe boots for good measure.
The jeans picture are close to the one thing I could actually afford. Nice comfy skinnies: i got the 'denim condom' ones here

Items in this set:
Alexander Wang skirt, 310 GBP
Acne sweater, 180 GBP jeans, $78
ChloƩ boots, 495 EUR
Repetto flats, $135

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fuzzy Lights and Jasmine Tea

Today after psych we kind of ended up at safeway so that my cinnamon toast crunch will have milk in the morning, and what better place to take pictures than a sketch underground parking place?

safeway is where it's at.

lookie i have milks.

my dolce vitas. if they look big here it's because they are.

Caution! Caution!

full view
On Broadway, this is Benny's. It is fantastic, a coffee shop with the best ambience. A loft, good music, interesting decor without trying too hard. That well-worn look that is difficult to duplicate.

more jams
jamms are yumms. don't let my face fool you.

jasmine tea that smelled like pretty flowers.

"I have a question. When you bite things, do you use your lips?"
This is the resulting attempt to do so.

Friday, November 6, 2009

colours of fall.

Everything in this set makes me feel like walking through a school campus underneath a canopy of red, yellow, and orange leaves, and then afterwards, sitting primly in a small cafe by a bustling street, sipping chai tea while reading a large, leather-bound novel. Ahhh fall.

Here we have a "Pringle of Scotland" cashmere cardigan, "Sally's Wearing A Red Dress" uh..dress.. and the pendant timepiece from, an ultra cozy knit scarf, and some kick ass Jeffrey Campbell oxfords. pair it with some tights and you're good to go.

I need them baaaaaaad

Yay! Another opportunity to write really bad puns.

Items in this set: boots, $150

But honestly, I absolutely love these shoes and when they sold out on modcloth last time (in like 3 days), I hardly had time to lust over them before they were gone forever.
I mean, these hit my style exactly. Slightly boho? check. (Faux) Animal Product? check. Buckles? check. Laces? check. (Buckles and Laces!!!! eek) Stacked heel? check. Badass shade of red? Check.

I love. It's a good thing Christmas is coming soon.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sam Edelman has designs on my money

haha... aren't I clever? he has designs on my money because he is designing things that will steal all of my money away.
I will be poor with pretty shoes and bad puns.

This summer I already caved and bought the Ginnie gladiator.
Now the fall collection is tempting me... but what should I choose? The moccasins in zebra, or in leopard? Or (seeing as I already have piles of flats and a pair of moccasins) should I go with the suede heels? The color is perfect. Yet I absolutely adore the moccasins - how often do shoes have calf hair?
Kristen and I had this talk and we agree that both are brilliant.
What do you think, oh people in internet-land? Heels or flats? Zebra or leopard?

Monday, November 2, 2009

I have a thing for patent lately. And guess what? All of these shoes are under one grand! Isn't that absolutely fantastical?
(For some reason shiny fake leather makes me want to type exclamations and weird modifiers).
Included are D&G Verni, Doc Martens, Betsey Johnson Karatta, F-Troupe Perforated Oxfords and Betty Johnson Flat Ankle Boots.