Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fuzzy Lights and Jasmine Tea

Today after psych we kind of ended up at safeway so that my cinnamon toast crunch will have milk in the morning, and what better place to take pictures than a sketch underground parking place?

safeway is where it's at.

lookie i have milks.

my dolce vitas. if they look big here it's because they are.

Caution! Caution!

full view
On Broadway, this is Benny's. It is fantastic, a coffee shop with the best ambience. A loft, good music, interesting decor without trying too hard. That well-worn look that is difficult to duplicate.

more jams
jamms are yumms. don't let my face fool you.

jasmine tea that smelled like pretty flowers.

"I have a question. When you bite things, do you use your lips?"
This is the resulting attempt to do so.

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Dylana said...

I see beautiful style here!

Lovely blog!