Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sam Edelman has designs on my money

haha... aren't I clever? he has designs on my money because he is designing things that will steal all of my money away.
I will be poor with pretty shoes and bad puns.

This summer I already caved and bought the Ginnie gladiator.
Now the fall collection is tempting me... but what should I choose? The moccasins in zebra, or in leopard? Or (seeing as I already have piles of flats and a pair of moccasins) should I go with the suede heels? The color is perfect. Yet I absolutely adore the moccasins - how often do shoes have calf hair?
Kristen and I had this talk and we agree that both are brilliant.
What do you think, oh people in internet-land? Heels or flats? Zebra or leopard?

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