Monday, November 23, 2009

Yes it's another Polyvore don't hate me

Oh, life is busy. But I am going to put some pictures up of us doing stuff. Soon.
Our friend is visiting from Arkansas, so today we will have some crazy adventures and hopefully one of us will think to bring / use a camera.
In the meantime, behold my Christmas list.
All of this is somewhat affordable, no? And I have carefully justified each item:
1) Isn't the heart-shaped pot to die for? I need to find one. Everything Le Creuset comes in pretty colors and lasts forever. See here
2) Desert boots are awesome and wool ones are awesome-er. It's a scientific fact. They may be men's shoes but that means they will have my size.
3) A sparkly brooch would make my plain coats a little cuter.
4) The scarf is faux so don't worry about the animals.
5) The clutch is inspired by the latest teen vogue

Wishes by flashbang featuring Opening Ceremony shoes

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Orchid Grey said...

I love that little purse, great pattern!