Monday, November 30, 2009

All I Want For Christmas Is.......

Here is my Christmas Wishlist...

Campaigning very, very hard for these absolutely spectacular Frye boots. I could never be content with anything else, considering its vintage-y equestrian style, deep brown colour, and extreme durability. I mean, they make Fryes with Goodyear rubber soles. As in, the tires. How can these NOT stand up to everything a Vancouver winter throws at us? My only complaint.. by buying these I am not supporting a local designer (ie. Fluevog) or promoting any sort of ethical, organic materials or manufacturing. Two things that are pretty important in my mind, and would justify the purchase a bit. But honestly, I have exhausted all other options, these boots are simply the best.
Oh yeah, the price is $388..which is pretty reasonable...ish..

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