Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Street Stuff

I'm a big fan of random street art and/or amusing notes here and there.
When you walk the same way every day, it's nice to have the mundane broken up by a little bit of creative vandalism / sign writing. Usually these kind of things get painted over pretty fast, so it's also one of my goals to collect pictures of them before they disappear.
Hopefully I can remember to keep my camera with me at all times so this could be a regular feature.

Happy Bats Cinema - (In case you can't read it:"We're going streaking... err.. I mean... we are closed on Monday May 24th")

This is on the wall of the store selling Catholic figurines on Main. The store itself intrigues me. I never see anyone in it, but presumably they have customers...
This stencil has been there for a couple of weeks, so presumably either no one cares or they think it looks rather nice.

This one's brand new - last night or something? It probably won't last long either, because it's on the bank at the corner of Macdonald and Broadway. Creepy baby. Reminds me of those terrible tattoos proud parents get.

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