Monday, May 10, 2010


My garden is growing! These pictures are my second set of window-sill starters - lettuce and bok choi and pansies. Peas and cucumbers and strawberries have been moved outside with general success. Radishes and sunflowers are also going strong... and I'm waiting on the rest. It's turning into quite the project.

As I result of all of this gardening, fashion has been abandoned. Sport shorts, first t-shirt at hand and hiking boots. My new uniform. There's constantly dirt under my nails and blisters on my feet.
But then Woo Vintage moved right next to my work on Main Street. I have found in the last little while that vintage stores on Main Street are very picked over, but Woo Vintage has stock that isn't the same tired plaid shirts and knit pullovers.
I found this neat little broach. Made of leather, it's a lady slipper orchid.

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