Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In which I explain some things no one needed explaining

I apologize to anyone who cares that my updating has been so scarce. And that this blog kind of follows my capricious approach to hobbies. One week its Cooking! then Gardening! then Fashion! then Cooking Again! then Art!
I may have inherited my Opa's bipolarness when it comes to such things. For him it manifests more in terms of collecting objects. When I was young it was Clocks! (a WHOLE garage full) then the clocks disappeared, and it was Exercise Machines! then Bikes! then Organs! (the instrument, don't freak out)... currently I think he is on a chair kick, but I'm not sure.
In any case, all of that to say - don't expect consistency from me.

Lately fashion has fell by the wayside as the nicer weather rolled into Vancouver for a week. I knew I had reached a critical moment when I turned down the Fluevog sample sale to go buy rain pants for biking.
Slightly regretting that at the moment...
But I did have a fun afternoon. My roomate Inga and I biked over to Deep Cove and then went kayaking. It was kind of an epic trip, considering neither of us knew where we were going and Dollarton Highway proved a challenge to find.

Deep Cove. Full of Aussies who know how to dress. One girl had the most gorgeous cable knit sweater. Should have snapped a stalker picture.

Squinty-Wool-Hat and her roommate Inga.

Adventure #2 was today, a sojourn to Les Faux Bourgeois on Fraser. We just went to the cafe, but reviews for the restaurant praise it as being better than Paris fare. Me and Laura suspect this was just people name-dropping their fancy Euro credentials, but it could be that good. Further research required.

This last picture is awesome because of the hippie dude and the fat black cat.

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