Tuesday, June 8, 2010

woah its june

My camera cable is MIA.
But my fashiony-ness seems to be thrashing its tail down in the murky waters of my brain. Yesterday I went shopping, had far too much coffee, read British Vogue and then couldn't sleep due to visions of a certain Club Monaco Blue skirt that is haunting me with its perfection.
Sadly, Club Monaco has a terrible website and is Canadian so not many people know about it. But it is fantastic. I habitually poach the men's shirt section for comfy oversized tops and it's lovely. And they make some of the best skirts I've found at the under $200 range.

But I was really going to post about Lara Stone and how pretty she is, and not go on a tangent about the skirt I am lusting over.
She is my current inspiration - rough around the edges but unapologetic about it and sexy as hell. Not that any of that is news to tons of people. I just want to somehow acknowledge it.

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