Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Scaley things that taste good

On Sunday, I decided to work on one of my New Year's resolutions to stop subsisting on rice and beans, and actually cook something interesting. So when I saw trout on special for $2.50, what could be better?

I googled 'pan fried trout' and the first link turned out to be the simplest recipe. But this seemed good to me. I could stick to my other resolution, i.e. don't spend so much money on bags of cornmeal and random spices you will never uses again.

Mind you, I had never done this before. Cooked fish, that is. Any sort of fish. Fortunately, the fish had already been gutted, or this might have been a bit of a disaster. I probably would not have been able to decapitate it... I felt sad enough with this pitiful little guy flopped in the bowl.
Doesn't it look sad?

It took me forever to work up the courage to actually roll it in the flour-pepper-salt mixture, but it looked rather cool. Like a fish mummy.

It smelled very yummy once frying.

The fish actually goes really quick. Like the recipe says, it's pretty much 5 minutes on each side, and done! I added some rice and peas, and had the best dinner in ages. Inexpensive, quick and tasty.

Ate. the. whole thing. In one night.

I'm sorry about the picture quality. And the lighting in this room is kind of making me look ghoulish. Rarrrrr fish.
(my hands are like that to keep it from dripping all over the place)

Dishes time! With my scrubber friend :)

Does anyone know any other good fish recipes that they would like to share?

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