Tuesday, January 12, 2010


We were both having terrible days today, and so rather than do something constructive, we went shopping.
In retrospect, it's a bad idea to go to Gravity Pope when you have just spent two and a half months of your clothes budget on one pair of boots.

We tried on Fryes. So very comfortable. After making a pile of boxes, we made vague promises about coming back and buying a pair... I think the sincerity of those promises was mostly wishful thinking.

The situation got worse when I was suddenly transfixed by the sight of my absolute favorite Christopher Kane t-shirt in the Gravity Pope 'tailored goods' side (it sounds so high brow, and it is). So very soft. And the rest of the store was full of clearance Comme des Garcons, Rag and Bone, Alexander Wang, Opening Ceremony...

Some days, though, there's no need to actually buy anything. The experience of just gliding happily into the store, stroking the fabric, cooing over the unattainable... a little fantasy land.

Here's a few things that have caught my eye lately. The ring in particluar. It's made by Alkemie, a company out of LA that creates everything out of reclaimed metals. A store on Main St. here in Vancouver carries them, and I fell in love. I'm a big fan of all of their animal rings, the wolf, the hedgehog and the octopus. Take a look and find your favorite.

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Ganymede Girl said...

Awesome ring! Since I live in Vancouver I might have to go and check it out, the other animals rings sound really interesting too.