Thursday, January 7, 2010

Anthropologie 101

So this morning, the sun is (sort of) shining over Vancouver, and the birds are singing outside of my open window. I nearly forgot it was January, and instead, mistook the month for April. These happy spring-ish thoughts (and being in a shopping-y mood) led me to I have always been a huuuge fan of the store/website, but had never quite explored it to its full potential.
Let me explain.
The first thing I see is their new collection of 50's inspired dresses. SAY NO MORE, I was hooked. Imagine this:

With a bright red trench and a brown square leather bag, umbrella in hand, braving the drizzly spring morning to go to class. Perfect. And then I found these:

The scarf is perfect to brighten up an outfit and add some pattern and texture...and the green cardigan looks like the ultimate vintage store find, with the bright woodsy green colour and the flower embroidery. I can imagine it nicely paired with a short brown skirt, a red skinny belt and oxfords. BUT WAIT, that's not all. They have shoes..the prettiest, most delicate jewelery I have seen in a long time...and then I found the house and home section.
You can DECORATE YOUR HOUSE through the same store?!?!?
heaven. bliss.

That bowl is gorgeous. So is the weigh scale timer. And yes, that is indeed a cookie jar in the shape of an owl. There was also a utensils' jar that looked like the lion-monster creature from "Where the Wild Things Are". They had everything from baking dishes to curtains to those decorative sticks for martinis.
And I was positively enchanted by these:

These are KNOBS. You put them on cabinets and drawers and things. My mind was sufficiently blown. I didn't even know you could buy individual knobs as pretty as these. The white and blue porcelain inspired knob reminded me of the traditional Delft Blue pieces from the Netherlands that my Oma has hanging on her kitchen walls.
I had to stop looking, or I would have too much to blog about, and too many pictures to post! I hope to take a trip down to the States sometime in the near future, and Anthropologie will definitely be on my list of places to shop.

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