Thursday, January 21, 2010


I feel like I've done so very much this week... and yet, so very little. All week we've been writing snarky articles, and going to places for material for said snarky articles.
There gets to be a point when you just don't have anything clever left to say...
And so you hide away in a comfy coffee shop and eat things. Like sandwiches with apple and cheese and desserts solely of chocolate and caramel.

Kristen's shoes (the brown ones): Fluevog. Kristen's hat: Off the wall. My shoes: Dolce Vita. Ring: Random Bumbershoot purchase.


Cory said...

Thanks for the comment the other day! I have looked in those stores in Gastown, they've got some nice stuff. I like your food photos, seems like you know the best cafes. I live on Commercial so I don't try many different coffee places around the city, its too convenient to be lazy and just walk a block or two.

khdz said...

Thanks :) I've discovered that I really like taking food photos, so there is a good possibility there will be more of 'em next time we go to a cafe.
Yep, fair enough :) it must be nice to have coffee shops right within walking distance though! I've always wanted to live in an apartment right above one..