Monday, March 29, 2010

weekend finds

I kind of went on a bit of a shopping spree this weekend, because there was just so many things I couldn't pass up.
I mean... a coat for forty bucks. It's not ridiculously cheap, but it's exactly what I wanted.
And I have a critical need for jewelry, so these were easily justifiable.
The earrings are rehabilitated vintage by Bueno Style, you can check out some of their other pieces here.


Ganymede Girl said...

That embroidered necklace is so cool, where did you get it? From far away I would probably think it was a cameo, which I also love, but the embroidery is really such a nice touch.

khdz said...

thanks :) the embroidery is what i love about it, too. i've never seen anything quite like it.
it's actually from Plenty - by the designer Frug. (