Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today I discovered all sorts of cool things. I thought I'd share.

1) The Wallflower on Main Street. Peach Waffles says it all. But the menu has a whole bunch of other intriguing stuff, like Blackened Halibut and Jalapeno Mac and Cheese. Plus, every month an artist is exhibited there. This month was some woodburning by Sara Stoness with ostriches and owls and people sitting in shopping carts. Sadly, I didn't have my camera, and I can't find any of her work online.

2) A red wool coat. You can never have enough wool coats.

3) Yarn Bombing. A crafty take on graffiti that seems to be pretty popular in Vancouver, though I've never seen any. Here's a few pictures from, based in Vancouver.

(Apparently done by Howie who has his own blog 'Woowork')

It's a cheeky take on 'raining cats an dogs'. How cute is that?


Ganymede Girl said...

I walked by those knitted raindrops the other day and I had to do a double-take, they are so cute!

khdz said...

they are still up? i'm gonna go find them.