Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stupidity Personified

Now Vancouver is uncharacteristically cold, the university campus is full of people wearing duffle coats and toques (/tooks/ = beanie, for you unfamiliar with Kanadaspeeks) and I have once again proved shitty at running my life. Yesterday I biked to school in -5, which is severe cold for us costal wimps. My toes were so numb I had to crawl into a corner and massage them back to life. Then last night/today I got distracted with two papers I had to write, forgot to eat, got three hours of sleep and fainted (coincidentally) in the hospital as I was visiting my friend.

But all my assignments are done now, and it is something to say that I am still alive. I did it! The semester from hell is almost over.

As discussed earlier, all we talk about in Vancouver is the weather, so it is on my mind a lot. Here are some things I would like to make me cozy and warm. Is the fox fur stole not wonderful? Though, with other clothes for now. Crazy girl.
The street style pics are from Pregnant Goldfish and they make me want to transfer to McGill and live a more meaningful existence. Though I will have to stop bitching about the cold first.

You know what song you should listen to? "The National" by Hannah Georgas. I'd link you, but then I'd be late for work and that would be a certain tragedy. People would cry.

A.P.C duffle coat that I am LUSTING over, Pendleton blanket.

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annierama said...

ahhh so cool!
I´m really in love with these last two shots!
great fashion sense!