Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm sitting in a coffee shop with wooden beams and a high ceiling, floating on a caffeine high and feeling like there's something profound hooked at the back of my brain and I can't quite reach behind and pick it off and see what it is.
It's five o'clock but already dark and so I guess it's winter now.
Lately I've been itching to go shopping, to run into the salvation army and buy an armload of sweaters in every color, to storm urban outfitters and carry off every eternity scarf and those fun fingerless gloves that you can never have too many of. Like a viking marauder of knitwear, but I'll pay for it and I won't be wearing a silly hat.

Because I want to include more Ryan McGinley, here's some of his Olympic photography. Remember the Olympics? Almost a year ago already, but it was fun.

I like his photos because they inspire me to get off my ass and go do something. Right now I really want to go snowboarding. Nevermind that there is no snow yet. It will come.

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