Thursday, October 21, 2010

Despite the fact that I neglect this blog, the last post was my hundredth post. weee!

I raise a glass of egg nog in honor of this occasion.

And maybe I'll try to update more, just because I can. Other motivations:
a) for moments such as this, when I should be cramming for a midterm, but need something else to do that has a tangible goal.
b) to keep myself thinking about what I'm wearing, so that I don't leave the house looking like a tool.

So here's an outfit post. Anything with animal prints has me getting my greedy hands all over it, and these rabbits were too cute to resist. Plus, I was in a wildly consumer-y mood and everything I saw that day that I liked, I had to buy.

I am smug. Doncha wish you had bunnies on your sweater?

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