Thursday, April 1, 2010

those seventies shoes.

Pretty excited today when I saw that urban outfitters is now carrying some swedish hasbeens clogs. I'm not quite sure I want to jump on the clog bandwagon yet - I can see myself gardening stylishly in clogs, but that's hardly a reason to drop a hundred or two on these beauties. Speaking of gardening... it's pretty much spring now, and I'm feeling like getting out the trowel and burying my exuberantly sprouting potatoes. And planting strawberries. And rhubarb. And fifty other things. So much ambition, so little time.

In the meantime, I can hope that urban outfitters will also decide to carry these lovely things. Haven't you always wanted jodhpurs? Just for the name alone? Nevermind that these are in fantastic colors and have nice chunky wood heels.

(images from magnifeco, style hive, and swedish hasbeens)

You know what is also awesome (if slightly irrelevant)? Golden beets. I had a spinach salad with strawberries and golden beets the other day at Sprouts, UBC's student-run organic cafe, and there is no going back.

(image - and a recipe - from fare to remember)

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